It’s all a little much.


Per the usual, I have fallen off of writing.  This happens to me most of the time for a myriad of reasons, but as of late, it’s been for two specific reasons.  The first is that I have mentally succumbed to what I’ll just define as “life”.  The second is that it’s all becoming a little too much.  I get no less than 3 emails a day from people telling me that I can change it all, just take this coaching program or follow these simple steps.  Passion driven lives, living big, dream chasing. Am I contributing to this content stream?  Fuck, it’s all a lot much.

I won’t bore you with much on the first reason because it can’t come off sounding anything other than unappreciative of the choices I have in life.  New races, good healthy kids, loving wife, opportunity for restaurant expansion, and so on.  If I am honest, if writing suffers because the mental strain of juggling all of these good things, then too damn bad.  Wah wah wah.

The second however is worth noting.  I have for the past 10-15 years done my best to help push people to be their best.  Sometimes for a little income, mostly because that’s what I think you should do.  In the last 6 months I have noticed a non stop barrage of “coaches” and the like entering the market place.  “Am I a part of this?  This all seems douchey.  Am I ‘that guy?’  I’m just going to shut the hell up.”

We find ourselves in an era where everyone is supposed to do what they love.  I mean I am the goddamn poster child for this.  I know for damn sure that I have convinced more than a few people to do exactly that.  Find what you love, figure out if you can make a living at it.  Get out of the corporate world.  Be poor.  Struggle.  Work like a dog.  All this can be yours…AND MORE!!

On most days the “life” I have takes me through a gamut of both activity and emotions.  If “entrepreneurship” is a drug, I imagine it’s like what heroin or cocaine must be like (thankfully I survived the 90’s without meeting those two).  Intense ups, bigger downs, craving the next thing, driving in circles looking for the next fix, wanting desperately for the high of the “thing” you are doing to last longer.  But it all comes with a price.  I just happen to be willing to pay that price.  The climate of “coaching” businesses that I see lately makes me feel a little dirty.  Are people selling a true service or are they just giving a loaded syringe of heroin to an addict?  Am I a part of that?  Maybe so.

What I know is that my little corner of the world is fueled by two things that people seem to desperately need these days.  Brutal honesty and simplicity.  I can come off as a total dick because I tend to tell people what they don’t really want to hear, sometimes when they ask and sometimes unsolicited.   When I write, I am not saying anything new and groundbreaking, I am stripping down what you’ve already been told in a way that hopefully lets you see it clearly so that you can make the decisions you need to move your life forward in a positive way (eventually).

I’m not sure if that’s a “coaching program” or what.  I won’t stop pushing people to believe in themselves and to get outside of what they think is possible.  I can’t not do that.  I know we all need it, and I am hopeful I can give this to those that want it and that my douchiness is always of an honest, tolerable level…likely while wearing a speedo.

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