281315_10151324588609686_217891491_nMost days, most mornings, the profundity of great thought dies with the cracking of my eggs.  Quiet is replaced by chaos and the day has begun.  Are any thoughts these days truly “great”?

Goal setting has, for quite a long time, become mundane for me.  I can’t put my finger on why, other than really, at the end of the day, the doing of the “big things” and the idea of “big ideas” has lost a little of it’s luster.  The “things” and the “ideas” have all been said and done.  But what if the doing and the saying is what drives you?  What do you “do” and “say” next?

It’s funny the things that we find inspiring or the things that will move us.  Just yesterday I watched a clip of a 12 year old, Grace VanderWaal singing an original song on America’s got Talent.  I don’t know if it was inspiring, but it was certainly uplifting to see the girls unbridled joy.  For others, it’s watching someone achieve something physical that they can’t fathom when positioned against their own abilities.  But what does that mean for you, today, tomorrow, and every other overwhelming day?

It means that big is over rated.
It means that the next simple step can be a goal.
It means you need to set both attainable and seemingly unattainable goals, because achieving the former makes the latter seem more possible.
It means you need to see that inspiring is everywhere.
It means that big ideas are usually just little ideas repacked and repurposed.
It means that you are the luster.  Not the goal.


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