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  1. Patrick, Your big swim and rant in 225 magazine had me thinking about my own health. Your strive to make Baton Rougeans healthier — plus a push by Marie Constantin — has inspired me to take the Rocket Chix triathlon challenge. I haven’t had consistent exercise in 14 years and am quite out of shape, so the beginner level seems the right fit for me. I started yesterday with a 20-minute jog in my neighborhood, then went swimming this morning at Crawfish Aquatics. Of course, my neighbors had a good chuckle when I told them about my plan to attempt a triathlon, but that’s only encouraging. My biggest fear is that I’ll give up and quit before the weekend, but I’m manipulating myself into believing I really can do it! And with Marie as my driving force, it seems more realistic.I’m getting a little head start for the July meet, just to adjust my body and mind to taking this seriously. Keep putting the “health” buzz in the minds of Baton Rouge folks like me because you really are making a difference. Hope to see you July 28!!P.S. Your veggie on wheat quesodillas are the BEST!

  2. rebecca,way to go! a couple helpful hints.1. Keep at it for 21 days and it will become a habit. from there it is easy to make it a lifestyle change. interestingly, once you get to this point it is not as difficult to keep up as you have worked into part of who you are and your daily routine.2. DECIDE TO FINISH. I decided to finish my swim daily for 5 months. on the actual swim date, the notion of not finishing never entered my mind. i had hard times for sure, but knew deep down that i could gut it out and finish it.GOOD LUCK AND INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO ME AT FRESH!!pat

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