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  1. Pat,I am overwhelmed by your accomplishment. I woke up Friday Morning and saw you interviewed by Rhonda Weidner. I got very excited: I found your blog and then went to the RocketKidz website. I read the pdf link at the RocketKidz website and figured that dark useless period around your sophomore year was probably when you were hanging out with me. Now, not only are you honing your talents to accomplish amazing things, you are are using those accomplishments to help children! How did I lose my grip? No more movies!? I am glad to see you at least list Meantree among your favorite music. I spent Friday night all night trying to find out how the swim went. I spent the rest of the weekend bragging about you. I was thrilled to read every article and to see every news story.You have a very handsome family. It was clear that your wife was proud. I too am proud — proud of your dedication, proud of your acomplishment, and proud to know you. I hope to see or talk to you soon.

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