DAY 32: today was good

I thought December was busy but it turns out January is doubly so. It’s all good busy, so no complaints.
This morning I awoke at 4:30 to swim and was reminded how much i really love the water. I dropped the kids off and headed to an account in Mississippi.
It was pouring today so the trip was dicey. I was reminded though how much music can fire up your day.
I cranked Panama by Van Halen, and smiled.
Had a great lunch with my mom and on to the next acct. and hung with great friends (Ryan and Bud @ Varsity Mandeville.
Got home, changed and went to the RKF first B-day party. So proud of what my friends have accomplished. Thanks Susan, G, Liz, Paul, Tim, Paul and the crew. Y’all rock!
Finally got home and spent a few minutes talking with my daughter.

This whole post really exemplifies the best of my days. Fitness, work, music, fun, bookended by family and friends.

Simple and great.

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