DAY 37: we do what needs doing

Another day down. Another round of thanks due.
I’ll be posting a super long Louisiana Marathon post next week sometime.
The team and I are all working long hours and putting out the fires that are the backbone of putting on any big race.
You can have lists and commitments and jobs assigned, but anyone who has put on a race, or any event, knows that it’s not how much you plan (which you do a lot, but rather how you deal with what will go wrong, and something always does.
To combat this, you need agile minded doers. Problem solvers who don’t get flustered but who get the doing done, regardless of who’s at fault or who is supposed to do what.
They figure it out and move on to the next one. And there’s always one or more waiting.
When choosing a team for any job. Pick people who are willing to be the last person there, the ones willing to ask who needs help, and the ones willing to get up at crazy hours to get what needs to be done.
Thanks Juba, Pato, Brent, Easy E and Damian for y’all’s hammering this week so far. It’s appreciated

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