I view things through my eyes mostly.

The Whole 30 experiment- aka The Great Hunger Strike of 20117

Thursday, March 2, 2107. Up pops the FB messenger. Seth-“Hey man, want to do whole30 with me?” Me- “F$*K NO!  Have you lost your mind?” Friday, March 3, 2017-My eating […]

HEY YOU! For those scoring at home…

So you could go back and easily read em all, I’ll update like this every week or so. DAY 1: What ever will fill the days? DAY 2: The Running […]

DAY 5: If you really wanted it…

As a quick follow up to yesterdays post on goals and the like, I thought I would throw one more morsel at you. A lot of folks contact me asking […]

21-27 Days Forms A Habit?

I didn’t come up with this theory, and really, there is a lot of back and forth on whether its true or not.  The idea is that if one picks […]


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