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11143332_10153353993389686_555400720660122094_oI was driving a couple hours to a meeting yesterday and was shuffling through the mental calendar for the next few days.  Dinner with friends, work, running, a bike ride, trying to get to a wedding, a ride, Father’s Day festivities and more work.

Father’s day.  I dwelled for a second and the questions started.

“What are we celebrating here?”
“Am I just getting credit for doing what you are supposed to do?”
“Why is this bothering me so much?”

As I drove I really gave some consideration to what it means to be a dad.  I dont think I came up with anything novel or new, but as I thought, I became filled with a desperation to be more for my kids.  At the same time, I couldn’t really place what that meant.  “Be more”.

My wife and I have always tried to attack parenting from the mindset that our lives should not revolve around our children.  We should train for ourselves, have and achieve goals, and live by example.  We should carve out time for dates, and for our wants and needs as much as we should run around town to practices and kids events.  I want my wife and I be the heros my kids look up to.  This won’t happen forever, but if that seed can be sown, hopefully it will grow.

But more and more, life feels how  the first paragraph of this post reads.  More, work, more running around, more, more.  And yet, my first go to when thinking about being a father is to be more to them.  So as Father’s day is tomorrow, I’ll leave you with my “more”.  If you have a kid, I encourage you to give some thought to what your “more” is.

Be more present when doing things with my kids-look them in the eyes.  Listen to what they are saying; what they are really asking or afraid to ask.

Be more clear when correcting them or teaching them lessons.  Explain why I am asking them to do things a particular way.

Be more fun.  Goof off, dance, jump on the trampoline, throw them in the pool 50 times in a row.

Be more patient.

Be more “yes” and less “not now” or “later”.

Be more encouraging.

Be more of myself.

Be more of a good husband and teach my kids how to love through loving and respecting their mother at all times.

Be more of a son to my dad.  Reach out more often.

Be more awesome aka be more badass.

Happy Father’s Day.

Hugs + high fives,



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