Floods, Demo, Fevers and Ironman

Back in March or so when I decided to toe the line with my mom at IMFL, my only option was to do a charity slot.  I had done it before for another race and wasn’t concerned about raising the money or the time to train.  Little did I know what the summer would entail.
Without rehashing the whole summer in Baton Rouge, needless to say.  Things didn’t go as planned.  July was as tumultuous a time in my 25+ years in Baton Rouge.  Then here comes August.
All this is to say that there were multiple weeks off from training and raising funds for the IM Foundation, while an awesome charity, seemed hollow considering what was going on in our city.
After an 8 day stint of fever virus in September, by October 1st, I was resigned to not racing.  It all seemed too much.  I emailed my coach, said I was done and went about my day.
For a week or so, I was in a funk.  I felt like a fraud internally.  “Practice what you preach.  DBAP.  Quitters are losers.  DOERS>SAYERS.”  All sorts fun things and more that I say out loud  every day were banging around inside my head.  The biggest one however, was “When else will you have the opportunity to race IM with you mom?”  So I heeded them.  Regardless of the outcomes, I am going to race.  To do that I have $1750 to raise in a couple weeks.  Per the usual, I am up against it.
If you feel so compelled to make a donation.  The link is below.
Appreciate you.

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