Tomorrow the Green Grass

46690881-grassThe average life expectancy of the American Male is 78 years. 28470 days. Each year these days slip away in massive chunks like a real time reverse longevity mudslide. I realized today (11/20/16) that I didn’t turn off the pilot light on the fireplace from last winter. 9 months gone in a flash.

It would be easy to point out the “every day is a gift” but this is tired and overdone. I’m more concerned with the waiting around. This notion that things will get better after a calendar year flips over.

In Baton Rouge, LA and the nation as a whole, one could say that things have been challenging in 2016. It’s true, a lot of struggles and a lot of challenges, not to mention a country divided. But really, what happens on December 31st, that resets any of this?

Over and over I hear, “2016 is cursed,” “Ugh, I can’t wait for 2016 to be over.” or “2016 has been the worst.” What makes Saturday December, 31st any different from Sunday November 20th? What magic are we expecting to Happen on Sunday, January 1st, 2017 that can’t happen tomorrow?

I understand the notion of a New Year and a reset, but you control the ability to start over every day. What’s a step in the right direction to right your struggles? One step, one new day, one new attitude.

There’s a band called the Jayhawks that wrote an album called Tomorrow the Green Grass. If I’m honest, I don’t know that I’ve ever listened to it. That being said, the title is something I say to folks a lot because to me it encompasses the opportunity to start new every day.

Quit waiting around for 2016 to end.
Tomorrow, the green grass.


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