many of you who read this probably have dealt with fund raising in some capacity. I am learning through experience that it is a full time job. A full time job that I have added to my full time jobs of owning a restaurant and having two kids. Oh, and swimming 40000 m a week. I constantly feel like I am neglecting something, either work, family, or the swim. I just try to be patient and keep on plugging. My mom had joined the fight and is really my fund raiser/do it all helper. There is nothing better in the world than your parents. They put up with all your nonsense and still help you when you bite off more than you chew. I read a book called Swimming to Antarctica by a lady named Lynne Cox. She planned swimming the Bering Strainght for 12 years and didn’t have approval from the then Soviet Union until the day of. She just kept at it, had patience and it all came together. I have been working on this swim since November. I can afford a little patience.
I had some great workouts lately. I swam over 5 hours Saturday and more importantly got back in on Monday and had a strong workout. Yesterdays workout was a little slower, but solid as well. Weekly totals were 42000m. I am on back on track after being sick.
More to come….

6 thoughts on “patience

  1. Hey, i had no idea that you were the one serving me my brickhouse/cilantro dressing salad today (i found out by seeing your picture and article in the 225 magazine). Kudos on the great food at “Fresh” and on your endeavor to swim 32 miles on March 31st. Good Luck, i hope you do well.p.s….just a side note…i’m not too keen on eating the salad out of a Chinese take out box…all the good items of the salad settle to the bottom.

  2. thanks,please introduce yourself to me next time you come by the restaurant. the idea behind the box is to have a portable container that is leakproof and looks good. most salad containers have a clear top or are clear and salads that have been tossed in the dressing look messy in them. i will try and kep the good stuff at the top next time!thanks,pat

  3. Pat, Kathleen told me about your swim and I just saw the blurb in 225. Best of luck with the swim and fund-raising efforts! I was looking for a fund-raising link on your blog but didn’t see one.PS: Kathleen loved the salad the other day: good size, taste and appreciated that it was already tossed! Keep on rockin’ JB

  4. hey dude bad news from the suckport….our venue for the swim here was shot down due to liability. is there anything that you need me to do with the last three weeks approaching the swim???PatO

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