keep it a going

swam with shelly monday. 5000. felt stonger. I dropped the drag suit i had been wearing for the last few months. i got instant speed. it only lasts for like 2 workouts though. she and i did new dryland circuit today and then 4000. felt pretty good.

i got my first sponsor this week. emilio from desoto sport said he would send me a wetsuit to wear. they make the only 2 piece wetsuit on the market and it has the most shoulder flexibility out of any suit around. i look forward to it.

anyhow, thats it for today. more later in the week.

2 thoughts on “keep it a going

  1. Ok Pat – I am reading this blog…You said you are swimming 4000 and 5000, but can you translate that into 32 miles for me. How many meters is 32 miles. A zillion? Maybe you shouldn’t do the math. I’m with Jeanne and I’m a little worried about you. This sounds like an awesome thing to do. I was thinking that I might have my seventh grade students track you while you swim. Can you wear a tracking device? Like a tagged seal or something? I’m cheering for you…

  2. i hope that just b/c your last post was on the 28th does not mean that it was your last workout…in fact i hope you haven’t posted because you have been in the pool the whole time!!!

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