To blog or not to blog…

Been awhile since I did this and to be honest the reasons are numerous.  I love lists and I’d love to pop off a “Top 10 reasons why i haven’t blogged since February,” but really it amounts to “I’m so busy, blah blah blah.”  Really, this is bullshit.  We all have the time, but I haven’t taken the time to plan and then execute a blog.

Good news though!  I really like to write, and am going to commit to, at minimum, 4 posts a month.  My hope is that they will be compelling in some way, and that you will want more.  At that time, I will say. “No you get 4 a month, but each will be an EPIC adventure equally entertaining as all the Harry Potter books and movies+ Royal Baby hoopla+Superbowl  + Raising Arizona/Big Lebowski…combined (I haven’t read or seen any Harry Potter stuff).”

You may notice that we are using “tags”.  My friend Jennifer informs me these are important and such, but not as entertaining and useful as #hashtags.  All these new posts will be about that stuff.

Just to kick things off.  I am running a contest.  I will paypal one individual who comments on this post, a crisp virtual $5 bill for answering the following statement.

“I’d be in better shape if….”

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