DAY 17: Big Ruck and the LLL Newsletter

In 2004 I opened my second Rocket burrito restaurant, around this time a friend of mind sent me an email about a website he had stumbled upon that had the story of a guy who was racing Ironmans to raise money to open his own burrito restaurant. It was a guy from California named Mile Rucker. He was 6’4 and everyone called him Big Ruck, his store and project was to be called Big Ruck’s Good Time Burrito Company. I emailed him immediately.

Over the next two years Mike and I became friends via phone calls and emails. I walked him through the process of starting a burrito joint, and even invited him to Louisiana to teach him what we did.

He eventually found a spot and we conspired to open a Rocket in Hermosa Beach. It was to be called Rockit. In the end, the restrictions on building and the costs associated to redo the location became prohibitive and Mike had to pull the plug. He flew me out and in his apartment kitchen and outdoor grill, I made our whole menu for a last hurrah in the space. We of course remained friends.

Six years ago he began the Live Life Love newsletter. It is a quarterly email in which Mike writes of a personal experience or interviews someone in each of four areas.  Regarding the newsletter, Mike says.

“I began over six years ago with the mild delusion of being able to reach some form of omniscience in the area of health and wellness entrepreneurship. This, of course, is folly. However, my dream of being able to put a dent in the Universe – by somehow contributing to the expansion of human health and flourishing – manifests a little more every time I hit send each quarter. It’s a wonderful gift (to me) that you’re reading this right now. I thank you, sincerely.”

Each newsletter, Mike will tackle Health and Wellness, Contribution, Entrepreneurship, and a Life Experience.  He always interviews folks that I am amazed that he got access to, and always has great ideas.  The fact that it is once a quarter means I read it each time and I look forward to it.

After 25 versions, I made the cut!   Mike emailed me a list of questions for the interview a couple weeks back and the results can be seen on his site.  You can find it in the current email here —->


Here is a link to opt into the newsletter. OPT IN

Thanks Mike for the good years and look forward to many more years of spreading good ideas.

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