DAY 20: My resolution

Today will be short and sweet. I wake up today thankful for family and friends and stoked for the New Year.

I’ll recap my year, maybe in another post but suffice to say 2013 was my best.

If you, like I, didn’t set any pre last night resolutions, perhaps you can think about it this way.

Distinguish the difference between achieving specific goals and making lifestyle changes. Completing a race distance is a goal, removing processed or fast foods from your diet is a resolution. One is not better, just to me different.

I will of continue to strive to be a better father, husband and friend but this should be a constant goal. Today , I will begin 2014 with one single resolution to apply to as much of my life as possible.

To Be more prepared.

Preparation gives us confidence to achieve all of our goals. If we do the work, most times we will get the results.

Confidence + consistent preparation = success

Happy New Year y’all. I look forward to experiencing it with you!

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