DAY 23: is it just me?

There is a fallacy to growing up and it is simply that you have to. I won’t say that I don’t some days feel a little sore and stove up when I get up, but I think like I did when I was in my 20s.
I’ve said before and likely this is retreading, but after 23 or so I never had a “time to grow up” phase. There are huge differences along the way. From a baby to toddler to elementary, middle and high school we change drastically. To be clear maybe some of y’all changed a lot through college and beyond. It seems to me that I’ve stayed the same. And I love it.
Maybe it’s a willingness to act like a child. Maybe it’s just how I am.
Yesterday while playing volleyball in Costa Rica I noticed that myself and a guy named Eric from Boston were the ones diving for every ball, faces full of sand and smiles ear to ear. We were one with the high schoolers.
I spoke to him later and he concurred. He didn’t feel any older than when he was in college. Sure responsibilities escalate but mentally he felt the same.
I’ve been watching people a lot on this trip, and people by and large don’t seem to have enough fun. They are in freaking paradise, bitching, pissing and moaning and acting like old farts.
I don’t know really that anything I’ve just said is that big of a deal, but if there is a takeaway it’s this.

Let yourself have some fun. Act like a fool, take a selfie, play with your kids, play with your friends, moon someone. Jump off things you aren’t supposed to. Teach your kids
that it’s cool to have fun. Don’t be an old fart because you’re supposed to be an adult. It’s a trap.

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