DAY 29: the list

What is it about lists that make us click on links?  I have accidentally signed up for at least 200 email notifications from various magazines, websites, and the like that I mostly just delete daily (I need to cull this for sure).  What I find myself clicking over and over are lists.

The pic you see on this blog was a screenshot from’s website.   I went there looking for some of these lists so I could poke fun and show how prevalent they were, and damned if there weren’t 2 living on the homepage (I haven’t clicked either yet).

I think this may be my fodder for the next 27 days (or 25 if you are stickler for the days).  The opportunity’s are endless, and they can cover a multitude of topics.

BE SUCCESSFUL- “The 4 things highly motivated people don’t do.”
DON’T BE A LOSER- “3 Habits of the losers of the world.”
DEALING WITH LIFE’S UNFORTUNATE RESPONSIBILITIES “5  life hacks to get you out of jury duty.”

They go and on, and on, and on.  Hell, I might be able to fill the year with them.

Here’s my first one!

4 things every man should do.

1.  Know how to cook.  Women love this.  Especially my wife.  Plus, you get to buy giant ass knives and chop shit up.  Nuff said.
2.  Know how to hire a yard man.  There is no bigger waste of your time on this green earth than mowing the lawn.  Trust me on this, I am right.  Plus, with the time saved on lawn time, you can whip up an awesome meal, and please your lady.
3.  Shut up and listen.  But only once in a while.  (I don’t want to set the bar too high for you)
4.  Commit to some sort of fitness.  Don’t you dare come up in here saying how you like your ladies to have taught thighs and buns with your gut hanging over your belt.  Pick something that keeps you fit.  Do it.  This way you won’t have to resort to pleats and you can still tell everyone how you could’ve played quarterback at a d3 school, but your coach was a dick.

See, it’s easy…tomorrow’s list???


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