DAY 30: Time for the concrete

I’ve been telling y’all what to do for a month now and it’s about time I practiced what I preach.
Back in September my mom did Augusta 70.3. Her first half iron distance and she qualified for 70.3 worlds. Not only was I proud as her son, I also coached her. I was balling and stoked.
Soon after that a thought entered my mind. How cool would it be to also qualify for worlds and race with my mom.
I started looking at some times and began looking at what races to focus on.
So after some calculating and finagling I am going to go for it at Galveston 70.3 this year.
Not knowing how many slots will be allocated I really have to shoot for the top 5. Last year in my age group, that time was somewhere in the 4:25 area.
So that means I have to shoot for sub 4:30.
Last year I went 4:47. So I need to drop 18-20 mins and let it fall where it lies.

My goal broken down will be the following.
Swim: 26. I have always mailed the swim in here and gone about 29 mins. This 3 mins should be easy.
Bike: 2:22. 23.7 mph
Run sub 1:30 6:50 ish pace.
5 mins combined 2 transitions


I just threw up typing that, but that’s what I’m going to train for.

Training starts 3 days ago. I’ll keep you posted.

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