Whatever I fear the most…


“Whatever I fear the most is whatever I see before me
Whenever I let my guard down, whatever I was ignoring
Whatever I fear the most is whatever I see before me
Whatever I have been given, whatever I have been”
toad the wet sprocket

FEAR-Seems like a childish notion sometimes, but really it’s the root of all of our shortcomings, whether real or perceived.

It’s the ultimate limiter.  It can cripple, confuse, and question.  But the exercise of defining, facing, and dealing with our fears, I believe, is the great equalizer and ultimate empowerer.

Ah, if it were only that easy.  I won’t sit here and tell you I have it licked.  Not by a long shot, but RECOGNIZING that fear is what is holding us back in everything is the first step in some demented 12 step life program.



Saying that shit out loud.  Hell most of the time, just by doing this, we realize that our fears are just figments of our imagination or some simple procrastinations that we have put off so long, that they have blossomed into shit storms in and of themselves.




It’s okay to be afraid I think.  If it weren’t, none of us would be okay.  The game is to deal with things and chop them into bite sized fear nuggets, that you can dip into your own special sauce (gross) and keep moving forward.

So it’s Friday.  Face a fear and try and release something that has a hold on you.  Write that shit down.  Decide if it’s real or not, and think about the first bite sized nugget.

Hugs+high fives.


PS-I’ll do a follow up to this with a list of my fears.  It’s only fair.


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