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A couple weeks ago I posted a picture to the Instagrams that rattled a friend of mine a little.  It seemed like I was being a little bit of an a-hole with a hashtag.

In a move unlike me, I removed the picture.  While I wasn’t being really ill spirited, I saw how it could be misconstrued as a poor move.

This whole non episode got me thinking about strong opinions.  I have a reputation of being extremely opinionated on seemingly mundane things (a strong dislike of Jimmy Buffet, Guy Fieri, fast food, and complainers), but a separate conversation over the weekend reminded me that sometimes, my lackadaisical attitude to a lot of things, can be undermining my success.

What I mean is that on a lot of items I will claim to not care, or that choices don’t really matter that much to me.  This is in total contradiction to how I live the rest of my life.  One of my strengths, like it or not, are my strong opinions,  so to not take a stand on even the smallest detail is to remove ones right to complain about which direction those items go.

In todays world, we are so worried (me included) about offending people.  My line for caring may be moved way back from yours, but make no mistake, we all care.  While I would argue that forming opinions just to be an ahole is counter productive, if that’s true to you then stick by it.  We should be constantly making sure that our opinions truly align with what matters to us, and then sticking to them, regardless of what people think.

So it’s Wednesday.  If you think Kenny Chesney sucks, stick to that.  I got your back.




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