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  1. Hi Pat,
    Not sure if you remember me but I just wanted to share a story with you that made me smile. Btw, we met a long time ago on a very strange but great trip to Russia when we were just kids.

    Anyway, although I remember you, your name or face hasn’t popped into my head for a very long time. Even so, last night I had the strangest dream that involved the both of us. We happened to be participant/spectator in some sort of skiing-singing competition. You were the participant and I was the spectator. We were much younger than when we first met – something like middle school age. You performed terrible in the skiing part (I mean “really” bad) and I didn’t pay much attention to you but noted that you had red hair. Then came the singing part. A couple of people went before you and I remember you rolling your eyes like “gosh, I totally got this part”. You sang, but decided to include the audience in a few bits. Unfortunately for you, my sister was in the crowd and took over the mike, sang terribly and you lost. Afterwards, you came over to where I was sitting – on some tall wooden box – and I looked down at you. You were sad and I felt horrible (one because it was my sister that screwed up your gig but also, I just generally felt bad for you). We chatted as kids from middle school do, I pulled you up on the box, and after awhile we introduced ourselves. The funny part was – after our introductions – you asked me if I was a girl and I was a bit offended and said “of course stupid”. You response was classic. You said “not now silly, but maybe later you will decide to be a boy and I just wanted to know”. I laughed and woke up laughing …

    Why am I telling you this dream especially since we haven’t spoken in almost 25 years or so? Today I have to say goodbye to my father – he passed away last weekend. As you can imagine, I have been quite sad as my father is/was the most important person in my life. AND yet, out of somewhere in the universe, someone decided to put a strange dream of you, Pat Fellows, in my head last night and you made me smile and this made me happy.

    I thought you should know and I wanted to share it with you – so I looked you up on Google and sent you this note.
    Thank you for that small moment of joy.
    -Kim Mueller

    1. Kim,
      First, I am very sorry about your dad. I of course remember you. You were born in Michigan and went to Tulane I beleive? I remember most of those folks from that trip. It was truly great and impactful.
      I am in Baton Rouge, LA where I have been since I came to college here. Married, two kids, etc.
      I truly help you are well. Not sure if you are on FB or not, but send me a friend request (if I don’t beat you to it).
      It’s funny, I haven’t written in awhile and I just signed into wordpress and found this. Made my night.
      Hugs+high fives!

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